Together with Smart Water, Oslo Runway had a full wellness program during this seasons event, with yoga, workouts and food. The wellness program created by Blake Schaefering under the platform of Oslo Runway aims to expand the conversation of wellness into the arenas of fashion and culture in a way that is physically and aesthetically accessible and desirable.

A dramatic lighting design by Daniel Sørensen set the appropriate background for a training session designed by Blake Schaefering to reflect the growing training counterculture that defies a traditional approach to human performance. Partners Valhalla Sport and Johaug, provided participants that included an internationally acclaimed skier, professional MMA fighters, a national weightlifting champion, a male supermodel and an ultra runner amongst others. This grouping highlights the diversity of this growing movement and their connection via self betterment.

Later an exclusive yoga session run by Ingrid Næss of Leela Yoga brought calm and serenity to the finish of Oslo Runway through a relaxing yoga series designed to quiet a busy mind. Participants were then couriered to a private lunch at Losæter’s Bakehuset where Oslo Raw catered a wellness lunch designed to refuel and detox after a strenuous few days of Oslo Runway. The majority of ingredients were grown a stones throw from the location in the local city garden, run by urban farmer Andreas Capjon.

In addition, in the Creator’s Cosmos, a SmartHub was created to provide an oasis for delegates to be productive at our work station, where they could relax and enjoy one of our curated reading selections or meditate with new AI ambient sound Endel*. The room was filled with a selection of Cire Trudon candles, Aesop skincare products, and hydration from SmartWater. The hand picked reading selection included titles from Taschen, Kinfolk as well as issues of Franchise, Mundial, Racquet, Victory Journal, Good Sport, Shukyu and Season.

*Endel is an ambient sound app that registers things such as local noise levels, time of day, weather and vitals from personal wearables to create a customized ambient sound wall.

Images outside is from the Kari Traa pop-up training as a part of the Creators Cosmos.