The Epson Award – Call for designers across Europe!

We believe in the future! We believe in change! We want to be at the forefront! 

Digital fabric printing is the future of fashion. And EPSON is at the forefront of that revolution. Digital fabric printing provides fashion designers with the tools they need to experiment and explore, while allowing them to create their collections faster and more efficiently than ever. The Epson Award is giving designers the freedom to create innovative fashion by using new digital fabric printing technology and reducing waste by keeping the production local. 

In 2018, the emerging designers Kit Wan and Edda Gimnes was selected by EPSON and Collective Oslo Fashion and Art Festival to produce textile prints for their collections with EPSON. This year EPSON is reaching out to designers all across Europe.  

An international jury of fashion professionals will select two winners, one Norwegian and one European. Both winners will get fabrics and print for two new collections (FW20 and SS21) that will be presented at the two upcoming FUSHION events in Oslo.  

The Epson Award application requirements:

The application must include:
– A resume including how you work with print, your background and future vision/agenda  
– Name, age and contact info
– Website and social media info
– Latest imagery
– Mood board of upcoming collection 

Participating designers must have launched at least one collection.  

Applicants may not use fur or images of sexual nudity references in the designs presented. 

How the winner is chosen
An international jury of fashion professionals will select two winners, one Norwegian and one European.  

The jury voting criteria:
– Overall vision and agenda 
– Attention to quality  
– Creativity  

The Epson award will be given to the designer that uses print as a strong part of their brand identity, preferably the designer not only used dye sublimation printing but also to complement other technologies and techniques – such as embroidery, puff, weave, etc., to create a striking approach. The concept might incorporate the inclusion of vintage pieces and should consider the environmental credentials of design today.  


The winners will receive:
– Up to three fabric types in polyester mix for two collections, AW20 and SS21. 
– Both collections exhibited during the next two editions of FUSHION. 

Application deadline:
August 7th 

Collate your application into a single PDF (no more than five pages), use your name as the file name and send the PDF to

An award ceremony and celebration will be held at the FUSHION main location on August 28th